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Cambro Ingredient Bins

Cambro opened its doors in 1951 with a single mission; make the best hospital meal tray on the market. The CamTray┬« became exactly that, and Cambro began to attract attention — and requests for more products. The growth the company has experienced since has taken them from that first California factory to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. But throughout its years of growth and expanding market share, their initial devotion to quality and excellence has never wavered.

Cambro continues to develop and create the most innovative, durable, and functional products that make food service easier on the servers. At one time, it was all about a single tray. Today, Cambro creates a variety of other products; including food storage, transport, service, and shelving. Still, the focus remains laser-like; 100% of Cambro’s product line is designed to help food service personnel deal with the most annoying realities of the food service process.

Cambro is a company that is focused on people; both in its ongoing commitment to seeking out and using feedback from its customer base in order to guide future development and in the way they treat their employees. Some of today’s Cambro employees and managers are the children and grandchildren of the employees who made Cambro successful in the 1950s, and that kind of loyalty speaks volumes about a company.

It also says a lot that Cambro’s line of salad bars was chosen by the SaladBars2Schools campaign to be the salad bar of choice for hundreds of schools across the nation. These guys do one thing; hold and transport food — but they do it really well. relies on Cambro to provide a variety of food-holding devices. But primarily, we offer Cambro ingredient storage bins of various varieties. These simple, solidly-built, essential tools are exactly what a busy kitchen needs to get the ingredients from storage to the workstation and back again. And because it’s Cambro, you know it’s dependable. That’s why we love them.