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Cadco Commercial Ovens (15 products) Commercial Ovens

Commercial Ovens

We have an expansive array of options when it comes to choosing the best system for your kitchen. Models come in heights ranging from a compact thirty inches to over six feet. For smaller spaces, a slim countertop model will fulfill your baking and broiling needs, without being obtrusive or using up precious floor space. For the ultimate customization, choose two different stacking models and create your dream system. We have models that work with electricity, or natural gas or propane, so you don’t have to worry about installing a new line, or settle for a system you don’t love. has systems from five name-brand companies, including Alto-Shaam, Vulcan, Bakers Pride, Garland, and Nemco. Whether you’re searching for a cook and hold model, a combi-oven, convection cooker, or pizza deck, we have the products that suit your needs best. 


All ninety-five commercial ovens we offer are designed to withstand rugged daily use from a professional kitchen and are crafted from sleek and easy to clean stainless steel. Don’t let your production and quality slip to the wayside with sub-par equipment—let the professionals at walk you through what makes and models are ideal for your situation and needs. We always stand behind our products and have fast and free shipping on every product delivered to a commercial address. Our best price guarantee allows you to find the products and systems you know and love and prices that can’t be beaten. 

Cadco Commercial Griddles (3 products) Commercial Griddles

We offer a large variety of sizes and styles in our wide selection.  Whether you prefer natural gas or propane, we’ve got a plethora of choices for both.  With sizes from 12 to 72 inches, you can find something that fits into your current kitchen space and equipment perfectly.  With choices from top brands like Vulcan, APW, Turbo Air, Globe, and Wolf, we have everything you’re looking for.  With stainless steel cooking surfaces and a front grease trough, it makes it very easy to clean up efficiently.  Dealing with grease can be a hassle, but luckily our products do the work for you. Cooking all day won’t be a problem for our reliable choices; they are built to last in any condition.  

Our commercial griddle will provide accurate temperatures so you can effectively cook your meats and pancakes to perfection.  Mastering this craft isn’t easy, but with our products, you can truly set a new standard.  With free commercial shipping and installation services available, we can set it up in your space for an extremely low price.  With a wide thermostat for effective cooking solutions, you can prepare many different meals using our commercial griddle. 

We encourage you to check out many different options before making a final decision.  We have an incredible variety of styles and sizes; you never know when you may find the perfect one for your kitchen.  Improve the quality and efficiency of your kitchen by getting yours today!

Cadco Hot Plates (5 products) Hot Plates

Commercial Hot Plates

For commercial hot plates and more restaurant equipment, trust
Cadco Sandwich Grills (6 products) Sandwich Grills

Sandwich Grills and Sandwich Toasters

Sandwich grills, also known as sandwich toasters, often seen in delis and lunch eateries, are essential for quickly delivering toasted sandwiches - with cheese melted inside them to perfection - to hungry customers. Most sandwich grills or sandwich toasters include a pressure element - a hinged lid with an embedded heat element that swings down on the food - to compress sandwiches and ensure that the bread and contents are evenly browned. Our favorite brand-name sandwich grills and sandwich toasters include: Star/Holman sandwich grills, Lang sandwich toasters, and Cadco sandwich toasters. Trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.

Cadco Sandwich Toasters

Since 1996, Cadco, Ltd. has been making commercial food service and restaurant equipment out of a single 30,000 square foot facility in northwestern Connecticut. Their focus is tight; they make convection ovens and accessories, mobile carts (for holding, warming, and transport), warming cabinets and shelves, buffet servers, grills (including clamshell grills, griddles, and hot plates), and toasters…and that's all. Because of their focus on such a narrow selection of items, Cadco can and does put its full attention into every product they create; and they don't stop paying attention once the product makes it into your kitchen, either. Cadco's customer service team is top-tier and always hands-on. Cadco was the first company to introduce the commercial countertop convection oven and remains the industry leader of that particular product. How? Because they focus on a single overriding principle; "Make it work like the customer expects it to work," says Cadco marketing manager Erin Shanahan. That said, their newer product lines -- almost all the result of customers requesting variations on existing themes or on logical extensions of existing products -- are rock-solid as well for the same reason. As Shanahan puts it, “Today, more than ever, people are looking for quality and for products that will last and that will help their businesses. It’s rewarding for us to know that our products help our end users’ businesses grow. If we can help them by offering them niche equipment that won’t break the bank, we’ve done our job.” is a proud distributor of Cadco sandwich/Panini grills in both single and double clamshell. These grills include features like Safety Touch surfaces (only 150 degrees Fahrenheit even when the cooking surface reaches 700 degrees) and Radian Heat technology that brings the grills up to heat in mere moments. We chose to offer Cadco Panini grills because they are highly reliable, solidly constructed, and because we believe in Cadco as a company.