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Bunn Coffee Service

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Coffee Service: Commercial Coffee Makers

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Bunn Tea Service

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Tea Service: Tea Makers

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Bunn Hot Beverage Dispenser

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Bunn Juice Dispensers

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Juice Dispensers

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Bunn Frozen Drink Dispenser

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Bunn Frozen Drink Dispenser

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Bunn Coffee Makers

Founded in 1955 in Springfield, Illinois, Bunn (also known as Bunn-O-Matic) is one of the leading manufacturers of coffee brewers, dispensers, and grinders, iced tea brewers, juice and granita machines, and other related items. Their stated mission is to "be the best provider of beverage equipment and services worldwide." Bunn is famous for creating the world's first flat-bottom coffee filter in 1957, which produces a less bitter and more even-handed brew. In 1963, Bunn singlehandedly created the 'in-office coffee' market with the creation of the Model X Pour-over countertop brewing system. And in 1972, Bunn revolutionized the coffee industry again by introducing the brew-on-demand internal hot water tank in its Model B8 Home Brewer. The Bunn Corporation is currently in its fifth generation of family ownership, and holds the ideals of honesty, integrity, and courtesy as its guiding values. Their production facilities are regularly upgraded to keep up with evolving quality management and ISO standards, and they have plants in five locations across North America. Choosing the Best Coffee Maker for Your Business Choosing a Bunn coffee maker for your restaurant or commercial needs is a fairly complex affair. The first thing you need to do is establish what your needs are. Are you serving drip coffee and little else? Do you need a single machine that can handle hot chocolate, hot tea, drip coffee, and espresso? Assuming that what you need is coffee and that's all, how much coffee do you need to produce? Bunn offers drip coffee machines with traditional glass pots in single and triple-warmer for the 'free refills' diner-type establishments. They provide 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour. Bunn's airpots -- for self-serve food service or commercial use -- come in one-pot and two-pot variations and can generate up to 15.0 gallons per hour. Finally, the Bunn SoftHeat Coffee Brewer takes whole beans and water and turns them into perfect cups of coffee at the rate of 11.2 gallons per hour for a single-server model or a whopping 18.9 gallons per hour for their upgraded model. In general, the advantages of the lower gallon-per-hour units are threefold; they are dramatically less expensive up front, they cost less to use and to maintain, and they take up less counter space. In short, choosing a model that produces significantly more coffee than you are likely to use may not be the best way to go because it will end up costing you more in the end.