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BK Resources Equipment Stands

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Equipment Stands

For all your restaurant equipment needs, including equipment stands, ShortOrder.com can't be beat.

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Work Tables

If you're looking for work tables or other restaurant equipment, shop our impressive selection at ShortOrder.com.

BK Resources Hand Sinks

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Restaurant sinks provide your cooks, chefs and staff invaluable stations for cleaning, rinsing, sanitizing, draining and washing. Restaurant sinks are usually composed of stainless steel; it lasts longer than porcelain. The design of restaurant sinks is overseen by the National Sanitation Foundation, and picking a good restaurant sink can be a complicated affair. If you're buying a restaurant sink, make sure you consult the ShortOrder restaurant sink buying guide first! ShortOrder sells quality Eagle restaurant sinks and Advance Tabco restaurant sinks.

BK Resources Restaurant Equipment

BK Resources is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel goods, including tables, sinks, faucets and spray heads, stands, and other large durable kitchen components. In short, if it's made of stainless steel, is used in a commercial kitchen, and doesn't plug in, chances are good that BK makes it. They are proud to be a green company, focused on environmentally-friendly manufacturing and on green kitchen components such as low-flow faucets. BK's Mission Statement expresses their commitment to responsive customer service, excellence in workmanship, and the personal growth of their employees. Founded in Altamont, Illinois in 2003, BK Resources started as a component maker for larger companies -- essentially they were 'those guys you outsource your faucet production to.' But as they grew, realizing that there was a critically unexplored market in the juncture between food service and plumbing wholesale -- and they've filled that need decisively. BK Resources President, Mike Hamann, says their success springs from two things: their willingness to listen to their customers, and their willingness to develop new products in response to customers' needs. "Customers would say, 'Do you have this item? And if not, can you develop it?' That has been the significant driving force in our development strategy…our ultimate objective is to be a solution provider for our customers and bring the best value to the market." Choosing Stainless Steel Goods The most important factor in choosing large, durable stainless steel goods is the gauge of the steel. Typical kitchen components come in three gauges: • 18 gauge goods are considered 'budget' items because they're lighter and less robust. If you're using a table just for sandwich prep or other light-duty work, you might choose an 18 gauge because it’s lighter and easier to move around. • 16 gauge goods are your run-of-the-mill stainless steel components. They are a good mix of quality and affordability. • 14 gauge goods are more expensive and heavier, but they are the components of choice for high-use (abuse) jobs. For example, most butchers tables (which have to endure regular blows from cleavers and tenderizing hammers) are 14 gauge stainless steel.