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A Beverage-Air refrigerator or freezer may be the most innovative addition to your kitchen, restaurant, or bar set-up you can make. With a wide variety of cooling systems, these products will revolutionize the way you store and display perishable goods. These systems range from reach in models that keep food fresh to kegerators, under counter options, and bar service and storage, as well as open display cases, ice cream shop freezers, and dipping cabinets. 

Beverage-Air Reach In Refrigeration

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Reach In Refrigerators and Freezers

Keeping your restaurant’s goods fresh is a top priority, which makes refrigeration key to your business’ success. Of the various refrigerator types, the Beverage-Air commercial reach in refrigerator is a staple, storing everything from raw vegetables to bottles of beer. Whether you need a simple 1-door unit, or a double decker 4-door unit, Beverage-Air provides the leading models in every category. With pristine digital displays and LED lighting, these reach in refrigerators offer innovative kitchen technology and are easy to use. At ShortOrder, you’ll find the best selection at the lowest prices. Click to view our full inventory and shop for reach in refrigerators and freezers today. 

Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators

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At, we know that having a quality storage and delivery system for beer is important to you, and that’s why we’re proud to offer thirty-two different models to choose from. Select either sleek and modern stainless steel, or wear-resistant black vinyl. Take the hassle and aggravation out of serving beer—find the perfect Beverage-Air kegerator for your space today.

With models that can hold up to five kegs held at the ideal temperature, you’re guaranteed to find a system that is ideal for your bar or restaurant. For energy-savvy set-ups, there are three separate models that are Energy Star Complaint and can give you the frosty beer you need with a more efficient energy bill. These smaller systems can still hold a full keg and can fit neatly in a corner or compact space.

No matter what size you need, all of these kegerators have forced air refrigeration and some with two insulated towers with a dual faucet system. Self-closing doors make sure that your beer stays cold and prevents temperature loss. Sturdy stainless steel tops mean less clean up for you at the end of a long day. All of the Beverage-Air kegerator systems that we offer are electric and come with an eight-foot electric cord and plug set to make set up easy and quick.

At, we understand the having high-quality service products means high-quality results, and that’s why we’re happy to offer our best price guarantee, which allows you to have the models and systems you want in your kitchen at the best price. We also have free shipping on all appliances that are delivered to a commercial address.

Beverage-Air Undercounter Refrigeration

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Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers

When it comes to commercial undercounter refrigeration, Beverage-Air has a wide variety of options. Whether you’re in need of a single-section refrigerator for small spaces, a 3-section multiple drawer unit for lots of storage, or even something in between, Beverage-Air undercounter refrigerators and freezers are built with flexibility and efficiency in mind. As an industry leader, Beverage-Air engineers high quality undercounter units, so you know you’ll receive the best equipment for your bar or restaurant needs. Shop our inventory of Beverage-Air undercounter refrigerators and freezers now!

Beverage-Air Back Bar Storage

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During high traffic times, your bartending staff needs access to drinks fast. That’s why great back bar storage and organization are the keys to running a bar smoothly. If your current back bar storage doesn’t keep up with patron demands, consider a Beverage-Air back bar cooler for quick accessibility and a cabinet to showcase your drink selection. Here at ShortOrder, we know that quality and value matter - that’s why we offer a wide range of Beverage-Air back bar coolers and cabinets. Browse our selection of Beverage-Air bar storage solutions today.

Beverage-Air Deep Well Bottle Coolers

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When it comes to life behind the bar, quick service is the key to customer satisfaction. If you’re serving bottled drinks, having a fully-stocked deep well cooler means you spend less time refilling your supply and more time serving customers. Keep things running smoothly with Beverage-Air deep well bottle coolers and help your bar staff serve drinks speedily while keeping things clean behind the counter. With a variety of Beverage-Air cooler models, ShortOrder offers the best selection at the lowest prices. View our full inventory and shop for coolers today.

Beverage-Air Standard Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Speed up sandwich preparation when you add a Beverage-Air commercial sandwich prep refrigerator to your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Refrigerated sandwich prep stations allow you to keep all your ingredients at hand, so you can serve fresh food fast. Plus, by combining the functionalities of a cutting board area and a prep space, you can get more done in less time, all while keeping your workspace cleaner. Shop our inventory and find the model you need by selecting from a variety of pan opening sizes, section counts, drawer numbers, and more.

Beverage-Air Mega Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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If your bar, restaurant, or deli has sandwiches on the menu, the mega top Beverage-Air commercial sandwich prep refrigerator is the perfect tool for your kitchen’s team. The commercial sandwich prep refrigerator maintains regulation food prep temperatures with individual compartments for sandwich assembling. It also has a classic, functional design to help facilitate high volume operations. ShortOrder offers a variety of sandwich prep refrigeration equipment and can help you find prep stations exactly to your specifications. Learn more about how ShortOrder can outfit your commercial kitchen at a great price by shopping with us today.

Beverage-Air Glass Chillers

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Give your customers the best-in-bar service by providing ice cold glasses, mugs, and more. With Beverage-Air glass chillers, you have the option of 1-section or 2-section models with shallow well designs and adjustable shelving. These glass frosters will make the perfect addition to your back bar appliances and help your staff provide the best in customer care. Plus, when you shop with ShortOrder, you’ll always receive free freight on restaurant equipment and your purchase is backed by our low price guarantee. What are you waiting for? Shop our affordable Beverage-Air glass chillers or view our full stock of quality commercial kitchen appliances today.

Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration

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Display Refrigerators and Freezers

Making sure that beverages are properly displayed is a vital part of giving your customers the best possible restaurant experience. With different models for all of your display needs, Beverage-Air commercial display refrigerators offer high quality designs and features, making them a premier buy for any restaurant. From classic, 2-sided sliding glass door models to accessible refrigerated display cases with curved glass fronts, Beverage-Air has a wide range of options. Click to start browsing the different models ShortOrder has to offer, all with the lowest prices and best selection available.

Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigerators

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Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers

If you’re looking for versatile refrigeration equipment, look no further than Beverage-Air commercial worktop refrigerators and freezers. With features like a stainless steel worktops, 1 to 3 section models, and stainless steel or glass doors, worktop refrigerators and freezers offer not only efficient ingredient storage, but also easy food prep. With ingredients close at hand, worktop refrigerators can help your busy kitchen stay better organized. Browse our selection of Beverage-Air worktop refrigeration units and find the refrigeration equipment that fits your commercial kitchen needs.

Beverage-Air Pizza Prep Tables and Stations

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For any kitchen serving pizza, an organized pizza assembly station is essential to making the pie-making process run smoothly. Solve your prep problems with ShortOrder’s Beverage-Air commercial pizza prep tables. Whether you’re making smaller, personalized pizzas or tossing up extra-large pies, Beverage-Air has a number of different pizza prep station configurations to meet your needs. Here at ShortOrder, we believe in offering high-quality equipment at a great value, which is why we stock brands like Beverage-Air. Shop our inventory of Beverage-Air pizza prep table today.

Beverage-Air Chef Base Refrigeration

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For frequent access to refrigerated ingredients, there’s no better way than with a Beverage-Air commercial drawer refrigerator. Because commercial kitchens need to work fast to serve orders to customers, drawer refrigerators--or chef base refrigerators--are a must-have to keep the kitchen organized and moving quickly. Shop Beverage-Air refrigerators from ShortOrder, and you’ll find the lowest prices, fast freight, and free shipping. To get started, just choose the right length refrigerator for your kitchen, the number of drawers you need, and any extra features you might want. Browse all our Beverage-Air chef base refrigeration options today.

Beverage-Air Milk Coolers

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Shop Beverage-Air commercial milk coolers today to find the perfect commercial-grade milk chiller for your kitchen. Beverage-Air milk coolers are designed with your needs in mind. ShortOrder carries smaller models to fit in tight spaces and larger models to help you accommodate all your customer needs. With features like dual access doors, stainless steel exteriors, and flat top carton capacities, our milk chillers will keep your bulk milk orders fresh and cooled, ready for any order. Plus, ShortOrder guarantees the lowest price and you’ll always receive free shipping on your equipment purchases. Shop our selection of Beverage-Air equipment today.

Beverage-Air Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

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Customers love hand-dipped ice cream, which is why there’s no better way to serve up everybody’s favorite frozen treat than from a Beverage-Air commercial ice cream dipping cabinet. With an ice cream cabinet from Beverage-Air, you can display every flavor and keep ice cream at the perfect temperature, making flavor options easy to see and ice cream scoops easy to serve! Just choose the right size cabinet for your space, order from ShortOrder, and you’ll receive free shipping on your purchase. Browse all the dipping cabinet options Beverage-Air has to offer.


Beverage-Air Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers

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As a leader in ice cream cooler equipment, Beverage-Air makes accessibility and design top priorities. Features like sliding doors and wire racks help keep your ice cream organized and on display, while the sturdy design ensures a durable and long-lasting freezer. To find the model that fits your needs, browse our Beverage-Air commercial ice cream coolers. Plus, when you shop at ShortOrder, you know you’ll get the best selection and lowest prices available.

Top Products

There’s a system that can satisfy any need, and fit in any sized space. The reach in refrigerators and freezers come in a variety of options. Choose from stainless steel or glass doors, full or half height doors, and left or right hinging. You can also choose under counter systems that offer flexibility and added storage right where you need it, from simple to complex.

Bar and restaurant storage solutions come in either high-quality display styles or efficient and service driven. In a wide range of sizes and design options, these are perfect for streamlining your libation needs and adding productivity to your restaurant or bar. Or make it a deep well cooler and serve all your drinks ice-cold and at lightning speed. If beer is on your mind, you’ll find a kegerator that can fit your needs in one of the direct-draw systems, with models that can hold up to five kegs. Complement any of your bar systems with a glass chiller that gives your guests frosty mugs and glasses. Delis and cafes have found their perfect set up with Beverage-Air refrigerators.

At, we sell highly functional sandwich prep stations, as well as classic or contemporary displays. From a curved glass presentation to an open-air upright cooler, there are over sixty models to choose from. For added workspace, look into one of the worktop models, with features like easy-to-clean stainless steel, and convenient ingredient storage. Ice cream parlors can benefit from a Beverage-Air Refrigerator system, too, with an industrial freezer, or functional dipping cabinet.