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Shop for a Beverage-Air appliance from Short Order and change the way you think about restaurant refrigeration! With reach-in, display, undercounter, and walk-in refrigeration options, plus freezers, back bar storage and more, Beverage-Air provides the best in commercial cooling equipment for your restaurant. Shop with Short Order and receive our free freight and Low Price Guarantee on your new Beverage-Air restaurant equipment today.

Beverage-Air Kegerators & Refrigerators

A Beverage-Air refrigerator is the restaurant equipment buyer’s first choice for efficient, low-maintenance food storage. Whether it’s reach-in refrigerators, display refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, or walk-in refrigerators, Beverage-Air is consistently a market leader. The company was founded in 1944 by Herman Buffington, who invented the first horizontal bottle cooler. Ever since, Beverage-Air has been known for manufacturing innovative, high-quality restaurant equipment. Their broad range of commercial refrigerators reflects a commitment to ongoing research, protecting the environment, and, above all, safeguarding food and beverages for your customers.

While shopping for Beverage-Air refrigerator, there are several considerations to be aware of. You should first asses which type of system will be best for your needs. A top-mounted system is the energy-efficient industry standard, designed with the compressor on top of the unit. Because hot air discharge does not enter the main refrigerator, your work area remains cooler and compressor life is extended. However, the hot air emitted above the unit could be hazardous if you have a very low ceiling. Bottom-mounted systems are an economic choice and actually use less energy, but hot air frequently escapes into the refrigerator and your work zone. The internal compressor takes up valuable shelf space inside the refrigerator, but does leave room for added storage on top of the unit. You should also take into account the refrigerator’s expansion valve or cap tube needs.

A commercial refrigerator determines how much cooling power is needed via the expansion valve or cap tube. If your refrigerator will be on or near cooking and preparation areas where the door is opened and closed frequently, a model with expansion valve refrigeration is best to accommodate those higher temperature demands. However, if you intend to use your new refrigerator mainly for storage and holding, a cap-tube model is the ideal and less expensive choice. Always remember to measure your doors, hallways and installation space before ordering large restaurant equipment. Consider swing doors that open a full 180 degrees with a 90- or 120-degree stop feature, as this allows you to insert and remove trays and pans with ease. For tight spaces, consider slide doors. Keep in mind that half-height door models will have less storage space, but make up for this in improved energy efficiency. We also recommend casters for easier cleaning and mobility.

In addition to high-end commercial refrigerators, Beverage-Air is also one of the leading manufacturers of commercial kegerators. Draft beer dispensers are the ultimate way to serve and store beer for your bar or other food service business. The kegerator faucet makes it quick and easy to pour perfectly cold beer. Beverage-Air makes single and dual tap commercial kegerators in either a black or stainless steel finish to match your bar’s decor. Kegerators aren’t just for restaurants and bars though; many draft beer enthusiasts have started installing them in their homes to enjoy restaurant-quality draft beer in front of your own TV with a quality Beverage-Air kegerator.

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