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Shop for a Beverage-Air appliance from and change the way you think about restaurant refrigeration! With reach-in, display, undercounter and worktop options, plus freezers, back bar storage and more, Beverage-Air provides the best in commercial cooling equipment for your restaurant. Shop with ShortOrder and receive our free freight and Low Price Guarantee on your new Beverage-Air restaurant equipment today.

Beverage-Air Reach In Refrigeration

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Reach-In Refrigerators and Reach-In Freezers

The reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers at ShortOrder bring you solid cooling in a space-efficient package. Reach-in restaurant refrigerators are available in one-door, two-door, or three-door models for refrigerating, and one-door, two-door and three-door models for freezing. Our reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers are shipped to you free of freight charges. Shop ShortOrder for brand-name products like: Beverage-Air reach-in refrigerators, Traulsen reach-in refrigerators and True reach-in refrigerators.

Beverage-Air Direct Draw Systems: Kegerators

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Kegerators, also known as draft beer dispensers or direct draw systems, are essential in restaurants and bars that serve draft beer. Combining refrigeration with direct draw systems, kegerators play a key role in keeping kegs of draft beer chilled and readily accessible. Stable coldness contributes to maintaining the taste and quality of beer while in the keg.

Short Order offers many different options for kegerators including your choice of the number of faucets, the number of kegs the kegerator can hold, and a variety of finishes. When buying a direct draw system, you should determine the size and number of faucets that will best meet your needs. Small draft beer dispensers, which may be more suited to smaller restaurants, will hold 1 keg of beer. If you are a typical restaurant or bar, an average-sized kegerator that holds 2-3 kegs with 1-2 faucets of beer is ideal. Restaurants and bars that expect full use from the kegerator should consider a heavy usage one. These direct draw systems typically hold 4-5 kegs, have 2 faucets, and have faster recovery refrigeration systems.

Lighter-duty kegerators are also a great addition to a home. The days of rented trash cans and bags of ice are over when you purchase a kegerator. The convenient dispenser and refrigeration makes storing kegs in the house an effortless experience. They are perfect for at-home entertaining or buying beer in bulk.

With kegerator brands like Beverage Air, Glastender, True, and Turbo Air, Short Order recognizes quality, but also knows the importance of value when buying bar equipment. That’s why our Low Price Guarantee backs all kegerators and direct draw system prices. The Low Price Guarantee promises to refund 110% of the price difference if you find the same item for less at another vendor, ensuring that we offer the best price available on all our commercial restaurant and bar equipment. Plus, regardless of price, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Shop our selection of kegerators and more to upgrade your bar today!

Beverage-Air Undercounter Refrigeration

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Undercounter Refrigerators and Undercounter Refrigeration Units

At a busy bar or restaurant, easy access to cold beverages is a must to serve your customers well. The undercounter refrigerator options from ShortOrder are endless and can meet a wide range of capacities that your restaurant or bar may require. Whether you want doors or drawers, refrigeration or a freezer, or brands like Beverage-Air or True, ShortOrder guarantees the best price to keep your beverages ice cold and right under your counter.

The variety of models ShortOrder carries leaves all the options in your hands. You can have just a single door for a small space, or you can have up to 8 drawers for a larger capacity. Or, you could get a combination of drawers and doors – with our plentiful selection of refrigeration units, the choice is yours. Plus, models come with features like casters, stainless steel, and rear-mounted, self-contained refrigeration.

You want to know you’re investing in the right kitchen equipment, and with ShortOrder, it’s guaranteed. All of our commercial restaurant equipment is made durably and professionally by the leaders in the industry. Undercounter refrigerators and undercounter refrigeration units at ShortOrder are offered at the lowest prices thanks to our Low Price Guarantee on restaurant equipment. Plus, you’ll receive free commercial shipping with any order. You’re bound to find the perfect undercounter refrigerator for your restaurant when you shop at

Beverage-Air Back Bar Storage

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Back Bar Cabinets and Back Bar Coolers

When running a bar, it’s important to keep in mind how many bottles of alcohol or other drinks you’ll go through during peak business hours. If your current bar storage containers aren’t keeping up with the demand, you should consider taking storage up a notch. Keep thirsty bar patrons happy with plenty of back bar coolers and storage solutions. Whether you are looking for glass door back bar cabinets to showcase your beverage options on the counter or large back bar storage cooler, ShortOrder has a wide range of back bar equipment to help you serve up cold drinks quickly.

At ShortOrder, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products available, which is why we sell top back bar equipment brands like Beverage-Air, True, Turbo Air and Glastender. With a wide variety of options such as finishes, display features, and capacities, you can rest assured you’ll find the back bar storage equipment to fit the needs of your bar environment.

When you shop at you receive our Low Price Guarantee, which means if you find an identical piece of equipment for a lower cost, we will beat any price from competitors. And remember, most of our back bar coolers and storage equipment come with free shipping. Shop today for your new back bar equipment and save!

Beverage-Air Deep Well Bottle Coolers

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Deep Well Bottle Coolers

There is no such thing as “too much” refrigerated storage space when you’re trying to run a crowded bar. This is why having a deep well bottle cooler can prove to be invaluable on a hectic day. By fully stocking this type of cooler, the bartenders will be able to spend less time refilling the beer coolers, and more time making sure your customers are happy. It’s always a win-win situation when you own a deep well bottle cooler.

At Short Order we have a large selection of deep well bottle coolers that vary in size and color so you can find the cooler that meshes best with your bar or restaurant. Also, because many of our customers have brand preferences, we’re fully stocked with True, Beverage-Air, Turbo Air, and Glastender Deep Well Bottle Coolers.

Owning this commercial appliance will be life changing, and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Beverage-Air Standard Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Sandwich prep tables are one of the most versatile pieces of restaurant equipment available. These stations combine the necessity of refrigerated storage with the convenience of a cutting board and prep area. Whether you’re crafting a signature sub or a delectable salad, standard sandwich prep tables allow for easy assembling, which means you can deliver your food quicker.

When it comes to product features, standard top sandwich prep stations come with a variety of options. If you’re serving a larger number of ingredients, you probably want to opt for a station that has 3 sections and 1/6 size pan openings, which offers the greatest number of pan options. If you aren’t looking for that amount of ingredient variety, stations also come in 1-section and 1/3 size pan openings (and almost every combination in between). Stations are also available with varying numbers of drawers (anywhere from 1-6) for easy access to refrigerated storage. Not sure what size equipment to purchase? Keep in mind the number of ingredients you offer, the amount of refrigeration space you need, and the floor space area available in your kitchen. If you need more pan space, check out our selection of mega top sandwich prep tables.

Here at ShortOrder, we offer industry-leading brands like Beverage-Air, True, and Turbo Air with our Low Price Guarantee, so you know you’ll receive the best equipment at a great value. Plus, most ShortOrder equipment comes with free commercial shipping, which can help you cut down on your restaurant’s overhead costs. It’s all part of our dedication to serving up quality products and customer satisfaction. Shop our wide selection of sandwich prep stations today!

Beverage-Air Mega Top Sandwich Prep Refrigeration

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Sandwich Prep Tables and Sandwich Prep Stations

Whether you need deli sandwiches or delicious salads, the right prep equipment will help you get the job done. The sandwich prep tables and sandwich prep stations at Short Order are built to give you years of service, providing a stable work surface and keeping sandwich ingredients fresh and cool. Use Short Order’s prep equipment to keep your kitchen running smoothly while delivering the freshest foods to customers every time.

If you’re shopping for sandwich prep refrigeration equipment, you have a variety of options to choose from. At Short Order, we take seriously our responsibility to bring you top-quality equipment, which is why we supply our customers with appliances from leading manufacturers like Beverage-Air, Delfield, Randell, True, and Turbo Air. In addition to the top brands we carry, you can choose the size of your prep equipment, plus the right amount of storage. Just choose the combination of doors and drawers that works best for your kitchen storage needs, plus lengths ranging from 27” all the way to 84”. Before buying sandwich prep refrigeration, measure your kitchen’s space, including doorways, to ensure that you will have enough room for your new equipment. Once your mega top sandwich prep equipment is in place, you’ll find that your food prep is more streamlined, your ingredients stay fresher, and your customers are more satisfied.

Shop for sandwich prep tables and sandwich prep stations from Short Order today to take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee. If you find the same piece of prep equipment elsewhere at a lower price, we will refund you 110% of the difference. Durability, dependability, and savings: that’s what you can expect when you choose your restaurant equipment from Short Order.

Beverage-Air Glass Chillers

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Glass Chillers

Find glass chillers and more restaurant equipment at

Beverage-Air Display Refrigeration

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Display Refrigerators

Did you know that the right display refrigeration can actually help move your products more efficiently? Display refrigeration puts your products right where customers can see them, proving the quality of your products while simultaneously harnessing the power of the impulse buy. Whether you are showing off bakery items, cheeses, meats, seafood, cold sandwiches, or drinks, Short Order’s display refrigeration options give you the ability to your foods fresh and visible to customers, plus incredible savings with our Low Price Guarantee.

To choose a display type, consider the space in which you’re placing your display, as well as the type of storage or refrigeration you need. Display refrigeration actually includes more than just refrigerators. There are also display freezers and non-refrigerated displays. A one-door or two-door upright display is great for any area, but may be especially useful for corners that need extra refrigeration space. If you want a grab-and-go kind of case, consider an open-air self-serve display. For eye-level, reach-in display refrigeration, think about getting a countertop merchandiser. A curved glass merchandiser displays offer easy display options for multiple shelves that can showcase ready-to-eat products like deli meats or baked goods. Have specific dimensions that you need your display to fit in? Choose from a variety of widths, door types, and display type options. Display widths can range from 18” to well over 73”, with door types that include hinged doors, sliding doors, and doorless displays. To complete your display refrigeration selection, choose from the industry-leading restaurant equipment brands that Short Order carries, including Beverage-Air, Randell, Traulsen, True, and Turbo Air.

With's wide selection, you're sure to find display refrigerators that are just right for your restaurant. Shop with us today and find out why our Low Price Guarantee makes our equipment the best anywhere.

Beverage-Air Worktop Refrigeration

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Worktop Refrigerators and Worktop Stations

Don't miss our impressive selection of Beverage-Air, Traulsen and True worktop refrigerators and worktop stations.

Beverage-Air Pizza Prep Tables and Stations

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Pizza Prep Tables and Pizza Prep stations

Essential for any restaurant that makes a large quantity of pizza, our commercial pizza prep table selection offers both quality and variety. Depending on the degree of your pizza operation, ShortOrder has a pizza prep table for every pizza-making joint. With a wide variety of pan capacities, there are options for restaurants that keep it simple and options for pizza places that offer just about every topping you can think of. If you’re using the table for small side-pizzas, you probably want to opt for a model with a smaller capacity. Conversely, if you’re making extra-larges pies, we offer massive stations with lots of storage and will hold a ton of pans as well. In addition, if you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your dough fresh and keep your back-ups close at hand, they come with built-in refrigeration underneath.

The pizza prep tables and stations at ShortOrder are selected to offer you the most value for your dollar. That’s why we work to bring you industry-leading, name-brand commercial pizza prep tables and stations. Our quality brands include: Beverage-Air, Randell, Turbo Air, Delfield, Traulsen, and True pizza prep tables. Plus, when you shop at ShortOrder, you also receive our Low Price Guarantee. Shop ShortOrder today for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

Beverage-Air Chef Base Refrigeration

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Chef Base Refrigerators

Chef base refrigerators are the ideal workstations for cooking tasks that require frequent access to drawers of refrigerated ingredients. A good chef base refrigerator is topped with a broad, easy-to-clean work surface that’s suitable for supporting longer-legged cooking griddles and other cooking implements. Chef base refrigeration equipment can range anywhere from 3 feet in length to 9 feet, with options of 1, 2, 4, or 6 drawers. Many also include features like a removable cutting board, a non-spill edge, or casters.

If your kitchen has very specific equipment certification requirements, make sure that your chef base refrigeration carries the correct certifications. Short Order’s chef base equipment bears top certification labels like Certified European (CE), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Before purchasing refrigeration equipment, first measure the space in your kitchen where the chef base will be located. Make sure the location will not cause the base’s air vent to be blocked, as that can cause the compressor motor to malfunction. You should also measure kitchen doorways to ensure you will have plenty of room to maneuver the chef base into place. Once you begin using your chef base, remember to clean and service it regularly to keep it in good working order.

Chef base refrigerators at Short Order are pre-selected by our buyers for value and quality. And best of all, if you find refrigeration equipment at a lower price anywhere else, Short Order will refund you 110% of the difference in cost. Shop the top brands in restaurant refrigeration at Short Order today, and find exactly what you need at a great price.

Beverage-Air Milk Coolers

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Milk coolers are a great way to store milk and keep it cool. Check out our great selection with free shipping and the best price guaranteed!

Beverage-Air Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

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ShortOrder carries only the best brands of Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet equipment from StoeltingTrueTurbo Air, and Beverage-Air. We offer free freight and low prices on all commercial Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets appliances. 

Beverage-Air Ice Cream Freezers and Spot Freezers

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Spot Freezers and Ice Cream Freezers is proud to carry ice cream freezers and spot freezers from Delfield, True and Beverage-Air.

Beverage-Air Kegerators & Refrigerators

A Beverage-Air refrigerator is the restaurant equipment buyer’s first choice for efficient, low-maintenance food storage. Whether it’s reach-in refrigerators, display refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, or worktop refrigerators, Beverage-Air is consistently a market leader. The company was founded in 1944 by Herman Buffington, who invented the first horizontal bottle cooler. Ever since, Beverage-Air has been known for manufacturing innovative, high-quality restaurant equipment. Their broad range of commercial refrigerators reflects a commitment to on-going research, protecting the environment, and, above all, safeguarding food and beverages for your customers.

While shopping for Beverage-Air refrigerators, there are several considerations to be aware of. You should first asses which type of system will be best for your needs. A top-mounted system is the energy-efficient industry standard, designed with the compressor on top of the unit. Because hot air discharge does not enter the main refrigerator, your work area remains cooler and compressor life is extended. However, the hot air emitted above the unit could be hazardous if you have a very low ceiling. Bottom-mounted systems are an economic choice and actually use less energy, but hot air frequently escapes into the refrigerator and your work zone. The internal compressor takes up valuable shelf space inside the refrigerator, but does leave room for added storage on top of the unit.

Always remember to measure your doors, hallways and installation space before ordering large restaurant equipment. Consider swing doors that open a full 180 degrees with a 90- or 120-degree stop feature, as this allows you to insert and remove trays and pans with ease. For tight spaces, consider slide doors. Keep in mind that half-height door models will have less storage space, but make up for this in improved energy efficiency. We also recommend casters for easier cleaning and mobility.

In addition to high-end commercial refrigerators, Beverage-Air is also one of the leading manufacturers of commercial kegerators. Draft beer dispensers are the ultimate way to serve and store beer for your bar or other food service business. The kegerator faucet makes it quick and easy to pour perfectly cold beer. Beverage-Air makes single and dual tap commercial kegerators in either a black or stainless steel finish to match your bar’s decor. Kegerators aren’t just for restaurants and bars though; many draft beer enthusiasts have started installing them in their homes to enjoy restaurant-quality draft beer in front of your own TV with a quality Beverage-Air kegerator.

When you shop with for Beverage-Air equipment, you’ll benefit from our Low Price Guarantee. Our promise ensures that buyers are getting the best restaurant equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere. That’s because we promise to refund 110% of the difference if you find the same Beverage-Air item priced lower anywhere else. Shop with us today for your commercial restaurant equipment and find out how you can save!