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Berkel Incorporated has been producing reliable foodservice equipment for over 100 years to better serve customers in the foodservice business.  Their product line has grown from different types of food slicers to include vacuum packaging equipment and food processors, making it easier to cut, slice, prepare and store foods for a variety of different food business settings. Shop’s Berkel restaurant equipment selection today and save on your next food slicer or food processor with our Low Price Guarantee. is proud to offer Berkel foodservice equipment with free shipping to a commercial address..

Berkel Slicers

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Commercial Slicers

Commercial slicers are necessary for any deli, supermarket, or restaurant serving large amounts of fresh deli cuts. Slicers cut foods more quickly and efficiently than can be done by hand, reducing food preparation time. Plus, meat and cheese slices come out evenly every time, creating consistent quality for your business and customers. This powerful tool is ideal for a variety of foodservice needs.

Short Order has many options available for commercial slicers including varying knife sizes; angle- or gravity-fed; and manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. The type of equipment best suited for your establishment depends on the amount of time and capacity you will be cutting per day. Light-duty slicers are ideal for smaller restaurants that will be slicing for no more than 2 hours a day and have limited counter space. If your kitchen or deli will run the slicer for 2-4 hours a day and occasionally slice cheese, a medium-duty model would work best. Finally, businesses that anticipate running the slicer all day, along with slicing large quantities of cheese, should opt for a heavy-duty piece of equipment. Depending on your kitchen’s needs, commercial slicer models are available in manual and 120v electric options. Need more help choosing a commercial slicer? Check out our commercial slicer buyer’s guide.

Short Order understands the importance of quality, which is why we carry brands like Berkel, German Knife, Globe, Hobart, and Nemco. We also believe in value, so our Low Price Guarantee backs all our commercial slicers. If you find the same item at a lower price from another vendor, Short Order promises to refund you 110% of the price difference. Plus, all restaurant and bar equipment has free freight at

Check out our variety of commercial slicers and upgrade your kitchen today!

Berkel Food Processors

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Commercial Food Processors

At Short Order, you'll find a wide selection of commercial food processors and restaurant equipment.

Berkel Slicers and Foodservice Equipment

Berkel slicers are some of the sharpest pieces of restaurant equipment on the market. Since the invention of the meat slicer in 1898 by W.A. Van Berkel, a butcher in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Berkel has been perfecting the art of the blade. It took only nine years for Berkel's meat slicers to appear as far away from Rotterdam as Mexico, China, Russia, and Canada. Not only did the meat slicer change the way a butcher approached many of his wares, it actually revolutionized the way people prepare food worldwide. Berkel Incorporated began as U.S. Slicing Machines in 1909, changing its name to honor the creator of the meat slicer in 1915. For over a century, they've created slicing machines that chefs, deli workers, and food artisans depend on for consistent, accurate, and excellent results.

Today, Berkel’s product line has expanded from slicers to food processors and vacuum packaging equipment, and is a subdivision of the ITW Food Equipment Group, which serves as parent company to a number of top-notch food equipment companies including Vulcan, one of the top competitors in the commercial stove arena, and Wolf, producer of some of the best ranges in the world. Shop and save on your next Berkel equipment purhcase with's Low Price Guarantee and free shipping to a commercial address.