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APW Hot Plates

APW Wyott works out of three locations; Dallas Texas, Cheyenne Wyoming, and Nogales Mexico. From these three places, they create and provide customer service for a variety of commercial kitchen equipment designed to work within all segments of the food service industry. Winner of a prestigious “E award” for excellence in production of wartime equipment by the Army and Navy in World War II, APW Wyott has made top-tier, reliable professional cookware for several decades.

Today, APW Wyott is a subdivision of the Standex Cooking Solutions Group. They create equipment that can cook, toast, heat, hold, warm, and otherwise prepare food in any kind of commercial environment; from fast food to fine dining and from institutional food preparation to hospitality services.

According to APW’s mission statement, they “relentlessly pursue new product development…and new technologies,” and “partner with our customers to understand their business and develop innovative solutions to meet their commercial foodservice needs worldwide.”

Choosing an APW Hot Plate for Your Needs

Hot plates come in a wide variety of types and purposes, and finding the one that is right for you is essential:
Method of Heating: Hot plates generally come in electric (like a range) and induction, which requires the use of special pots and pans. Induction heaters heat much more quickly, but use dramatically more electricity (and thus cost more.) If you don’t need the instant heat of an induction plate, a standard coil is usually preferable for both upfront cost and total cost of ownership.
Method of Cleaning: Hot plates come with a variety of surfaces; including cast iron, stainless steel, none (exposed coils), and tempered glass (only on induction hot plates). Generally the largest difference is how the surface must be cleaned, and the time and effort that process takes should factor into your calculations.
Features: Hot plates have a variety of optional features that include timers, temperature displays, individual temperature settings (for multi-heater units), drip pans, and more.
Size: Hot plates can vary in size from mug warmers to stovetop sized units and beyond. Choosing the size that best fits your kitchen is a critical part of selecting the right unit.

APW hot plates are useful in any kitchen, and absolutely vital to many kitchens. If you’re looking for the best price on an APW hot plate, you’ve found it; because if you find somewhere that sells it for less than Short Order after you buy it here, we’ll refund you 110% of the difference! Look around today and discover the APW hot plate that is perfect for your kitchen.