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When you open a restaurant, you want only the best equipment in it.  APW Wyott is a leading source of reliable, high-quality equipment solutions to all types of retail and food service industries around the world.  Our selection of products covers equipment for toasting, heating, holding, cooking, and much more.  Many of the best in the industry trust our products to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

APW Equipment Stands (9 products) Equipment Stands

When needing to move equipment around your kitchen easily, choose an APW equipment stand with casters.  They range in sizes from 18 to 60 inches wide on ShortOrder.com.  If you prefer just to use the stand with legs we have those too!  Shop and save at ShortOrder.com with our free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

APW Drop-In Food Wells (10 products) Drop-In Food Wells

APW drop-in food wells provide your kitchen staff with plenty of space to store and heat food as meals are prepared.  Here at ShortOrder.com, we offer many different APW units to choose from!  Whether you need a small well or a large one, you'll find what you need. They come in one- to four-pan size units!  Shop on ShortOrder.com and save with our low price guarantee and free commercial shipping.

APW Countertop Warmers (5 products) Countertop Warmers

When serving food in a buffet or heating up soups, APW countertop warmers in circular or rectangular shapes, will meet all your needs.  Some  warmers can operate with or without water, depending on your application.  If you're looking to buy countertop warmers, be sure to check out ShortOrder.com and save with our free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

APW Commercial Griddles (15 products) Commercial Griddles

APW commercial griddles give your chefs the perfect flat metal cooking surface for preparing a variety of foods. The best commercial griddles - like the griddles found on ShortOrder.com - are reliable, easy to clean and ideal for cooking mulitple items simultaneously. APW has 15" to 48" size griddles along with gas or electric power, to fit all needs. Keep in mind that ShortOrder has free shipping and low prices, and if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call and we can add it for you!

APW Char Broilers (10 products) Char Broilers

When picking a char broiler for your restaurant kitchen, APW has many types and sizes to choose from.  What's nice about using a char broiler in your commercial kitchen, is that it actually cooks using dry heat, giving you that nice, grilled flavor and beautiful grill marks, without having to actually use an outdoor grill.  Stop and shop on ShortOrder.com and save with our free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

APW Heat Lamps (16 products) Heat Lamps

APW infrared heat lamps are perfect for keeping prepared food warm and work well in any restaurant or buffet line. On ShortOrder.com, APW offers a variety of different lamp styles, sizes and power options to choose from. ShortOrder even has high- or standard-wattage lamps. Shop at ShortOrder and save with free commercial shipping and low prices, guaranteed.

APW Hot Plates (16 products) Hot Plates

APW offers many different options in commercial hot plates at ShortOrder.com. Whether you need one, two, four or six burners, we have them!  APW commercial hot plates are heavy duty and offer gas or electric units, to suite any kitchen. Shop and save with ShortOrder.com with free commercial shipping and a low price guarantee.

APW Commercial Toasters (4 products) Commercial Toasters

APW conveyor toasters are helpful in any establishment when you need to brown and toast numerous pieces of bread.  The APW toasters that we carry at ShortOrder.com, range from five- to thirty-six slice units.  APW toasters are user friendly and efficient, and have a solid, stainless steel construction too!  Save money on ShortOrder.com with our free commercial shipping and low price guarantee.

APW Cheese Melters (4 products) Cheese Melters

The APW cheese melters are availavle in counter top models, in several lengths, with stainless steel construction.  APW compact cheese melters will give you the counter space to work with, while still having a solid melting ability.  Whether your bar or deli needs to toast a sandwich or melt cheese on that sandwich, we have you covered!  Shop on ShortOrder and save with low pricing and free commercial shipping included.

APW Commercial Warming Drawers (6 products) Commercial Warming Drawers

APW drawer warmers are an added bonus to your kitchen and are perfect for keeping food warm and ready to serve. With APW offering one or several drawers, these food warmers are helpful for low to high volume businesses. APW food warming drawers offer even heating throughout the appliance to keep food warm and at safe temperatures. Shop at ShortOrder and view our low prices along with free commercial shipping!

APW Hot Dog Cookers (2 products) Hot Dog Cookers

The APW pass thru steamer is ideal in a food truck, concession stand or at a ball game, where volume is high and you need hot dogs ready to go!  The APW steamer that we offer on ShortOrder.com has a capacity of approximarely 150 hot dogs and 60 buns. The heating system can cook the hot dogs in less than 20 mintues and hold them at safe temperatures for your customers. Check out the steamers on ShortOrder and save with free shipping and low prices guaranteed!

APW Cooking Equipment

Whether you want to host a catering event for a business or stock your restaurant full of our innovative cooking equipment, we can do it all.  Our selection of APW Wyott kitchen equipment is full of everything you need to cook anything successfully from your menu.  We have equipment stands, drop-in food wells, countertop warmers, griddles, char broilers, heat lamps, toasters, and much more.  All products are made from stainless steel construction, so they’re built to handle the needs of your kitchen.  They’re also strong and will provide the durability you need.  All cooking equipment is easy to set up and operate, and they’re known for being efficient and consistent.  We have a great variety for each type of equipment that we have to offer.  They come in all types of styles and sizes to suit your needs appropriately.

Whether you need cheese melted on a sandwich, or charbroilers to cook meats and other foods, we have everything your kitchen will ever need.  When you have quality equipment in your kitchen, your chefs can accomplish just about anything.  No matter what type of kitchen equipment you need, you will find it right here in our selection of APW Wyott equipment.