Alto-Shaam is a brand that knows its commercial cooking equipment. As a leading manufacturer of cook-and-hold ovens, oven steamers, and holding cabinets, you can count on Alto-Shaam to cook food perfectly and keep it hot until it’s ready to serve. Shop Short Order’s inventory of Alto-Shaam restaurant equipment today to take advantage of our low prices and free freight.

Alto-Shaam Holding Cabinets

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Holding Cabinets

Holding cabinets are an essential piece of equipment for restaurants looking to keep food warm and delectable before serving it to customers. Heated holding cabinets help preserve the temperature of pre-made food items, so you’ll never have to worry about dishing out cold food to customers. Maximum temperature control helps maintain enhanced food safety and taste.

Short Order offers many quality brands of heated holding cabinets including: Alto-Shaam, Crescor, Hatco, Metro, and Vulcan. Each brand comes with different features. When buying a holding cabinet, the first consideration should be what type of cabinet will best suit your business needs. Mobile cabinets have wheels that combine food warming with easy transportation. Countertop cabinets are convenient if your restaurant is short on floor space. Pizza cabinets are full-sized cabinets that are specifically designed to store larger quantities of pizza. Short Order carries both half-height and full-height holding cabinets to meet your restaurants’ food capacity needs. Half-height cabinets are best for smaller restaurants or smaller warmed food quantities, whereas full-height holding cabinets are best for full-service restaurants. Most cabinets have full-size pan (12” x 20”) capacity. Other considerations should include what voltage is required (120/1v or 208-240v) and whether you need an insulated or non-insulated holding cabinet.

Short Order recognizes that quality and value are important when buying restaurant equipment. Our Low Price Guarantee backs all holding cabinets and any other restaurant equipment. If you find a better price offer from another vendor, we promise to refund 110% of the price difference on the same item. No matter what you buy, Short Order ensures free freight on all restaurant and bar equipment purchases.

Short Order has a wide selection of heated holding cabinet to keep your restaurant operating at its best. Shop our equipment today and save with our quality products and low prices.

Alto-Shaam Ovens

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Convection Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Cook & Hold Ovens and Other Commercial Ovens

When it comes to commercial ovens, trust Short Order for all your restaurant equipment needs.

Alto-Shaam Ovens

Alto-Shaam has been making quality kitchen equipment for more than 50 years. With a focus on turning out the perfect dish at a perfect temperature every time, Alto-Shaam provides cooks with the means to keep customers satisfied and kitchens running efficiently.
How does Alto-Shaam ensure high-quality performance in the kitchen? Alto-Shaam products have temperature and humidity controls that allow you to cook food more slowly for fuller flavor, less shrinking, and tenderer results. Alto-Shaam products can also keep food at ready-to-serve temperatures so you can cook and serve better food at higher volumes, all while conserving energy. Cooks can count on cook-and-hold ovens to utilize less electricity and eliminate flavor carryover, all without the need for exterior ventilation. They are a great choice for all kinds of foods, from chicken to cheesecakes. Likewise, Alto-Shaam holding cabinets keep food at optimum temperatures so you can maximize cook time and serve customers efficiently.
When you purchase a Alto-Shaam commercial kitchen equipment with Short Order, you can save even more with our Low Price Guarantee. That means that if you find the same piece of Alto-Shaam equipment somewhere else, we will refund you 110% of the difference. Short Order offers free freight, too. Shop with Short Order today and find out how you can improve your restaurant’s kitchen!