Buying Guide: Convection Ovens

Buying Guide: Convection Ovens

What is a convection oven and why are they more expensive than a regular oven? Convection ovens have a fan mounted in the oven that forces the heated air to move around the cabinet, maintaining an even temperature throughout the oven. They can cook up to 25% faster and with a 30% reduction in temperature! So while they may cost more up front, consider the savings in time and energy with a convection oven. Before purchasing a new oven, take these tips on commerical convection ovens into consideration.

Foods Prepared in a Convection Oven

Many people know that baked goods will benefit from a convection oven, but you may not realize that many other foods will turn out more moist and delicious when prepared in a convection oven.

Baked goods:

The butter loses its moisture faster, making the pie crusts and other delicate foods flakier and crispier


The poultry skin renders its fat quickly to produce a well browned skin while sealing the juices in


Vegetables rapidly caramelize for crisp outside and moist, flavorful insides

Red Meat:

Browning happens quickly, sealing in juices and produces less shrinking, which leaves more product to sell

Convection Oven Controls: Solid State vs. Computer

Convection Oven Controls: Solid State vs. Computer

When shopping for your convection oven, you’ll have a choice between solid state or computer controls. Solid state indicates that a knob adjusts temperature. If you plan on going that direction, look for a timer alarm so you don’t accidentally over-cook your food. Computer controls are another option and great for pre-programming frequently used menu settings. You can even preset different cooking times for different racks.

Know Before You Buy

Look for high efficiency units that use only 44,000 BTU’s. Glass doors are nice, but look for doors that open independently, they will require less service to keep them closing properly. 2 speed fans are preferable as well.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind, if you purchase a gas oven, you’ll still need access to electricity to power the fan.

As with any gas appliance, be sure and include a new AGA gas commercial flex hose. They are designed for heavy duty use and typically come with a brass quick disconnect. Standard, plumber supplied home-type flex hoses are not designed for commercial applications and are not NSF approved.