Restaurant Equipment Buying Guides

Our Restaurant Equipment Buying Guides are designed to help take some of the guesswork out of your equipment purchase. In simple, straightforward terms, we will tackle the basics of some of the more complicated equipment to help you make the right decision to best meet your needs.

Buying Guide: Commercial Fryers
French fries, fried chicken & fish - what types and sizes do you need to handle it all? Find out how to keep your kitchen sizzling hot!
Buying Guide: Commercial Ranges
Commercial ranges are heavy duty, and allow for multiple configurations and combinations of other components. Broil your fish and melt your cheese all on the same range.
Buying Guide: Ice Machines
Key points to consider before making your ice machine purchase: Machine Type, Size, Ice Type, Cooling System Requirements and more!
Buying Guide: Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
What type of refrigeration system do you need? How much power are you after and what kind of add-ons are you dreaming of?
Buying Guide: Stainless Steel Work Tables
When talking about your work table, size does matter, and so does strength! We’ve got any kitchen covered with our selection that will hold up to your heaviest equipment.
Buying Guide: Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
These may cost you more, but they will save you big in the long run. What systems and capacity does your restaurant need to keep you cool?
Char Broilers
Do you have the right radiant heat to cook that meat? Let us help you choose the grill that will bring out the best flavors in your produce and meat.
Convection Ovens
Get a more even flavor profile by choosing a convection oven. Plus, you can save energy with up to a 30% reduction in temperature and food that cooks up to 25% faster!
Feeding an army? Eggs, hash browns and pancakes are ready, all at once, in a flash! Serve it up fast and easy, with no food taste contamination.
Microwave Ovens
Don’t get caught with a low power, limited use machine in your kitchen, check out our selection of commercial microwave ovens that serve up a more sophisticated meal.
Easy sanitation is the goal.You’ll clean up in no time with 3-compartment sinks to wash, rinse and sanitize.The health department will praise you!
Want your meat, cheese and eggs to look uniform and presentable? You need a slicer that turns the average deli or restaurant into one that’s a cut above the rest!
Bring out the flavors & nutrients of meals naturally, with a steamer that will have your veggies bursting with color!